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New Blood Test To Detect Bipolar Disorder In Kids

A new blood test might speed-up accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of bipolar disorder in children, new research suggests. Researchers found that children with bipolar disorder had higher blood levels of a protein associated with vitamin D.

Research Reveals The Mysteries Hidden In DNA

Columbia University researchers have developed a computational tool that shines a light on the genome's segments. With this tool in hand, scientists can get closer to understanding how DNA guides everything from growth and development to aging and disease.

A New Drug Treating Skin Lesions In TSC

Researchers have developed a new drug treating skin lesions in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a rare, intractable disease, a world first. Following the physician-led clinical studies, I and II by Osaka University, Phase III clinical trials by a pharmaceutical company, the drug were approved within six months of the drug application by the SAKIGAKE Designation System. The study was published in JAMA Dermatology.

Injectable Bandage Promotes Hemostasis and Wound Healing

A penetrating injury from shrapnel is a serious obstacle in overcoming battlefield wounds that can ultimately lead to death.Given the high mortality rates due to hemorrhaging, there is an unmet need to quickly self-administer materials that prevent fatality due to excessive blood loss.