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Heart Attack Patients Diagnosed With Depression Use Emergency Rooms

A study determines that people with heart disease have not been diagnosed with depression but are at high-risk for it are more likely to report worse health care experiences and use emergency room services more often than those diagnosed with depression. Heart attack patients diagnosed with depression are more likely to be hospitalized, use emergency rooms and annually spend more on healthcare than heart attack patients without depression.

Public Health System: Revitalization Required, Experts Advice

India’s economy is soaring and is now the world’s envy, but its healthcare system remains an Achilles’ heel. For millions of people, the high cost of treating illnesses continues to undermine economic progress. This is largely on account of India’s dilapidated health care system: a major symptom of the dire lack of funding. India ranks poorly in international rankings on most health indices.

New Insights Into How HIV Escape Cellular Booby Traps

Researchers from the Kyoto University have found that simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) evolved to infect humans as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) via Vpu–a protein that allow HIV to escape and spread–evolving to inhibiting tetherin. The study, published in the journal Cell Host and Microbe, helps explain how HIV came into human world.