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Gene Activation Predicts Diabetes Diagnosis

Researchers have found a way to identify infants who will go on to develop type 1 diabetes. UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Professor Ranjeny Thomas said the discovery would lead to the development of better screening tests to identify children at highest risk. "Once they have two antibodies, it's highly likely they will go on to develop type 1 diabetes. The study was published in JCI Insight.

Bone Loss In A Space Environment, Including Microgravity, Ionizing Radiation

Bone loss mainly induced by microgravity has been determined as one of the most harmful outcomes observed in astronauts. The complex environment in space, including microgravity, radiation, circadian rhythm, and extreme temperature, may injure human health during long-term space travel. The continuous bone loss may elevate the risk of developing fractures in the skeletal framework of astronauts during or after space missions.