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Risk of Pancreatitis Among Olds With CVD

Jin-Liern Hong, Ph.D., from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and colleagues examined the risks of acute pancreatitis among U.S. Medicare beneficiaries, aged 66+ years, initiating DDP-4Is versus thiazolidinediones or sulfonylureas.

Investigation of the Transcriptomic Response Of E.coli To Both Microgravity and Antibiotics

The researcher studied the growth of Bacteria in space experiments under microgravity conditions have been found to undergo unique physiological responses, ranging from modified cell morphology and growth dynamics to a putative increased tolerance to antibiotics. To further characterize the responses, this study investigated the transcriptomic response of Escherichia coli to both microgravity and antibiotic concentration. 

Blood and Marrow Transplant: Link between Rare Gene Variants and Survival Benefits

Blood and marrow transplant, or BMT, is a lifesaving and effective treatment for many patients, but the procedure can cause serious and life-threatening complications.

New research out of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and The Ohio State University has identified a link between rare variants in a number of novel genes and survival after transplantation of blood and marrow from an unrelated donor, opening avenues for improving individual risk prediction and prognosis for patients undergoing BMT.

Investigation Of The Diagnosed Patients with Bacterial Skin Infections

A retrospective study determines the characteristics of community-acquired bacterial skin infections, to observe their antibiotic susceptibility patterns, and to evaluate factors contributing to the treatment response. Bacterial skin infections occur secondarily in conditions involving a vulnerable skin barrier such as atopic eczema, as well as primarily such as impetigo. Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococci mainly cause them.