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A Major Grant For The Epidermolysis Bullosa iPS Cell Consortium

Scientists from the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine are part of a consortium awarded $3.8 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to move discoveries in stem cell-created skin grafts into the manufacturing stage, bringing further hope to victims of debilitating inherited skin diseases. The major grant for the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) iPS Cell Consortium, which includes research teams from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. The study was published in Nature Communications.

Regular Health Care Reduces The Risk Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

According to a study, the researcher examines that a key factor in reducing the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA), a potentially life-threatening complication of type 1 diabetes, in children at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, is having a regular health care provider. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a common chronic childhood disease. If untreated, it can result in DKA, the most common cause of death in children with type 1 diabetes.

DKA occurs as the body breaks downs muscle and fats for energy in place of sugar, releasing fatty acids (ketones) into the blood. The study was published in CMAJ(Canadian Medical Association Journal). "Having a regular primary care provider was associated with a reduced risk of DKA at diabetes onset, but this protection reached statistical significance only among those 12-17 years of age," writes Dr. Meranda Nakhla.

To Identify The Effect That Gravity Has On Sleep

A study determines that since a few decades, man has been able to reach space, escape from the earth attraction and spend days and nights in a weightless condition. Some major physiological changes have been observed during long stays and in particular, the sleep duration in space is shorter than on the ground. This study reviews a novel hypothesis proposing that sleep is partly due to gravity. At the same time, all creatures on Earth undergo cycles of activity and periods of rest.

Anchoring Of Ion Channels And Micropeptides In Heart Muscle Cells

A study focused on the anchoring of ion channels and micropeptides in heart muscle cells, by understanding and research on the molecular mechanisms underlying neurological and heart diseases. Researchers team are attempting to understand how the sense of touch works and how neurons perceive mechanical stimuli. It is already known that when skin is touched, an electric signal is generated in the ion channels of the neuronal membrane.

Better QOL and Cancer Patients' Satisfaction With a Coordinating Nurse

Investing in the continuity of care for lung cancer patients can bring tremendous benefits in terms of patient satisfaction and quality of life. In Quebec, Canada, this investment has taken the form of a dedicated role on the medical team: The Pivot Nurse in Oncology (PNO). A study presented at ELCC 2018 (European Lung Cancer Congress) in Geneva has produced new evidence of the different ways in which this service improves patients' lives during treatment.

NHPS: Little Known on Cost of Buying Medicines

The Union Cabinet recently approved the launch of the National Health Protection Mission which was announced during Budget 2018-19. The Mission aims to provide a cover of five lakh rupees per family per year to about 10.7 crore families belonging to the poor and vulnerable population.

The insurance coverage is targeted for hospitalization at the secondary and tertiary health care levels. This post explains the healthcare financing scenario in India, which is distributed across the center, states, and individuals.