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Optimised Distribution Of Emergency Medical Service Stations Can Provide Emergency Care

According to a study, the researcher estimates that computing power can optimize the mobile emergency network, emergency medical service stations can ensure rapid emergency care for even greater swathes of the population and save money at the same time. The scope of the study, numerous possible distributions of emergency medical stations across the federal state of Lower Austria were calculated and compared using complex computer models.

New ways were found to provide emergency medical care to an even larger proportion of the population within a very short space of time with the same or fewer medical stations. The study was published recently in an International Journal of Medical InformaticsThe consideration of extensive digital data on the existing road network, as well as population movements during the daytime, constituted an essential element of the computations.

An Insight of Leukemia And Lymphoma Cells

In a study published in Nature Communications, a team led IRCM Hematopoiesis, and Cancer Research Unit director Tarik Möröy revealed GFI1 protein helps leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells evade therapy this could help patients for more effective treatment