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Betterment of Emergency Medical Services In Bhutan

Emergency Medical Services (EMS), also known as ambulance forces or paramedic forces are the form of emergency services committed on the provision of out-of-hospital acute medical care, transfer to hospital and comprehensive services, and other medical transport services to patients with acute sickness and injuries. EMS may also be locally known as a paramedic service, the first aid team, or emergency and rescue troop.

The ultimate objective of the majority of emergency medical services is to either supply medical management to the individuals in need of emergency medical care, with the intention of adequately treating the acute conditions, or organizing for the appropriate extrication and transport of the victim to an appropriate facility. This is most expected to be at an emergency department at a hospital.

Single foodborne outbreak can have large ramifications for restaurants

A new study showing that researchers examine a single foodborne outbreak could cost a restaurant millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines, lawsuits, legal fees, insurance premium increases, inspection costs and staff retraining. It was based on computer simulations that suggest a foodborne illness outbreak can have large, reverberating consequences regardless of the size of the restaurant and outbreak. The study was published online in the journal Public Health Reports,