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Perioperative Opioid Could Similarly Prolong Postoperative Pain

According to a new study, researchers examine opioids are effective postoperative analgesics. Disturbingly, we have previously reported that opioids such as morphine can worsen inflammatory pain and peripheral and central neuropathic pain. Giving opioids to animals to quell pain after surgery prolongs the pain for more than three weeks and primes specialized immune cells in the spinal cord to be more reactive to pain. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Training at Maximal Power in Resisted Sprinting

When it comes to manipulating the constraints of sprinting determinants, there is no real consensus on the method of implementing resisted sprint training. Researchers hypothesize that resisted sprint training in the individual optimal loading condition (i.e. in the Fv zone of Pmax production) would result in greater improvement of force and power capacity (i.e. early acceleration), than more traditional, lighter loading protocols designed to develop the application of force at high velocities.

Women's Health in India And Challenges

Generally, women's health receives attention only during pregnancy; this comes from our patriarchal understanding of women's role in society.

According to the "OECD Health Statistics 2014: How Does India Compare" report, the overall health spending accounted for only 4% of the GDP in India in 2012, out of which only 33% of health spending was funded by public sources.

Further, health accounted for only 4.8% of total government spending in 2012. India ranks extremely high even among other developing countries in out-of-pocket costs on healthcare.