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Surge of Malaria Deaths in Conflict Zones

Ten years of progress globally in the fight against malaria have masked the rapid rise of infections and deaths in African countries experiencing conflict and famine, though new strategies implemented in places like the Central African Republic, South Sudan, and northern Nigeria could provide a way forward, according to research.

MDR-TB Health Insurance Schemes, in Chhattisgarh State, India

In India, the health system is pluralistic with asymmetric healthcare distributive network across the public and private sector, with 66% of hospitals and 80% of ambulatory care provided by the private sector.

The high user fees charged by these private providers combined with low health insurance penetration have led to high levels of out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditure. Looking at financial risk protection in relation to TB can, therefore, highlight important general lessons to inform decisions toward effective policy-making in the context of achieving UHC.                                        

Scientists Decode How HIV Evades Our Immune System

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have discovered how the HIV virus evades the immune system, paving the way for new therapies for the infection that affects millions of people worldwide. The study, published in EBioMedicineshows that HIV targets and disables a pathway involving a number of biological molecules that are key in blocking viral activity and clearing the infection.

Insights About Muscle Cramps

Many of us know the feeling of a cramp – whether you have been struck down on the sports field or woken with a start in excruciating pain in the middle of the night. A cramp is the involuntary contraction of our skeletal muscle, and it hurts.

Ventilator-associated Pneumonia in Patients

Although pneumonia appears to be the most frequent infection under ECMO, no specific data exist on this specific issue. Severity of patients assisted with ECMO, immunosuppression secondary to extracorporeal circulation as well as changes in antibiotics pharmacokinetics under ECMO make researchers think that VAP under ECMO is a distinct entity.

To address this issue, they aimed to investigate the epidemiology, risk factors, microbiology and outcomes of VAP, and to identify risk factors of TF in a large and well-defined cohort of ICU patients treated with VA-ECMO.

Anesthesia Given To Children Before Their Third Birthdays Have Lower IQs

A new study finds no evidence that children given anesthesia before their third birthdays have lower IQs than those who did not have it. A more complex picture emerges among people who had anesthesia several times as small children: Although their intelligence is comparable, they score modestly lower on tests measuring fine motor skills, and their parents are more likely to report behavioral and learning problems. The study was published in Anesthesiology.