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Analysis Of The Yeast ATP Synthase In A Lipid Membrane

The researcher has solved the structure of mitochondrial ATP synthase, an enzyme that makes ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the major energy source of cells. The study was published in the journal Science. Given the importance of ATP synthase in fueling the cell, determining the complete structure of the enzyme has been a scientific holy grail, promising to reveal secrets about the ATP machine that could lead to therapeutic target identification and advance understanding of the metabolic disease and other cellular pathologies.

Investiagtion Of Neural Correlates Of CMR In The Human Auditory Brainstem

The detection and identification of signals in a noisy environment are one of the essential tasks of the auditory system. The mechanism whereby the auditory system separates weak signals from masking noise is a key challenge in auditory neuroscience. Weak signals embedded in fluctuating masker can be perceived more efficiently than similar signals embedded in unmodulated masker. This release from masking is known as comodulation masking release (CMR).

Fatty Fish, Camelina Oil Increases HDL Levels

The study suggested that fatty fish intake increases the HDL particles size and concentration, which might show an antiatherogenic property. Camelina sativa oil-intake decreases IDL concentration. These changes might favorably affect cardiovascular risk.