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Interruptions in Emergency Department Could Affect Patient Care

A study has determined that workflow interruptions are most likely to occur during two key events electronic medical record documentation and direct patient care. Findings suggest that changes in the workflow in emergency departments could increase the care team's efficiency and help improve patient care. Interruptions in workflow, such as a phone call while working on another task, or when a colleague stops by for a chat, can lead to inefficiencies in the workplace. For nurses working in emergency departments, those interruptions could affect patient care. 

HERrespect Intervention: Violence Against Female Garment Workers in Bangladesh Addressed

In general, evidence on what works in addressing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Workplace Violence (WPV) against working women, particularly garment workers is limited worldwide.

Given the massive increase in women’s employment in factories globally, and specifically in Bangladesh, with the potential to increase women’s experiences of violence in the home and workplace, there remains a lack of effective interventions to reduce this.

The present study describes an evaluation of HERrespect, an intervention which aims to address IPV and WPV against female garment workers in and around Dhaka.

Compound Derived From Immune Cells Treated To Psoriasis

According to a new study, the researcher examines a compound derived from immune cells treats psoriasis in mice and holds promise for other autoimmune diseases. The compound suppresses an inflammatory pathway that is overactive in many autoimmune diseases, suggesting that it may be effective against multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases as well as psoriasis. The study was published in Nature.

Viruses and their Ancient Origins

New research has found that many of the viruses infecting us today have ancient evolutionary histories that date back to the first vertebrates and perhaps the first animals in existence.