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A Poor Muscle Health May Be A Complication Of Type 1 Diabetes

A new study has found that poor muscle health may be a complication of Type 1 diabetes, even among active twenty-somethings. Researchers analyzed muscle biopsies of young adults with and without Type 1 diabetes who exceed Diabetes Canada's recommended weekly levels for physical activity. The researchers found structural and functional changes in the power generation parts of the cell, or mitochondria, of those with diabetes.

Tiny Positioning Differences for Radiotherapy Can Impact Survival

Tiny differences in a patient's position during radiotherapy for lung or oesophageal cancer can impact how likely they are to survive, according to a study presented at the ESTRO 37 conference in Barcelona.

The study found that differences of just a few millimetres can shift radiation targeted to the tumour fractionally closer to the heart, where it can cause unintentional damage and reduce survival chances.

This finding suggests that survival could be improved by tightening up treatment guidelines to ensure patients are positioned more accurately.

An Outbreak Of Candida auris Linked To Multi-Use Thermometers In UK

According to a study, researchers examined one of the largest outbreaks of the emerging drug-resistant fungal pathogen C. auris. Outbreaks of the fungal pathogen Candida auris (C. auris) in healthcare settings, particularly in intensive care units (ICUs), may be linked to multi-use patient equipment, such as thermometers. The outbreak occurred in Oxford University Hospitals' Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the United Kingdom.