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Super-Resolution Microscopy Visualizes All The Strands Of A DNA

A study examines that researchers have used a new variant of super-resolution microscopy to visualize all the strands of a DNA-based nanostructure for the first time. The method promises to optimize the design of such structures for specific applications. The term 'DNA origami' refers to a method for the design and self-assembly of complex molecular structures with nanometer precision.The study was published in the journaNature Communications.

A Cell Therapy Aids Recovery Of Heart Without Implanting Cells

The adult human heart cannot regenerate itself after injury, and the death of cardiac muscle cells, known as cardiomyocytes, irreversibly weakens the heart and limits its ability to pump blood. Heart disease is a major global health problem, myocardial infarction annually affects more than one million people in the U.S. alone, and there is still no effective treatment. The study was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.