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Rare Diseases Remain Common in India

In India over 70 million people affected with rare diseases had remained without a public health policy to address challenges faced by the rare diseases community. So some of the key opinion leaders planned to review and publish a peer-reviewed article summarizing the key challenges and opportunities for rare diseases in India.

A Pediatric Tracheocutaneous Sinus Years After Repair Of A Tracheocutaneous Fistula

A study examined the rare type of tracheocutaneous sinus after repair of a tracheocutaneous fistula and to review management strategies. A tracheocutaneous fistula is a common sequela of pediatric tracheostomy and can occur in as many as one in three pediatric patients. There is a debate in the literature regarding optimal surgical management. Advances in perinatal medicine and healthcare access have increased the number of premature infants requiring the assistance of prolonged ventilation.

Antimicrobial Resistance Genes Are Detected In The ISS Environmental Surface

A Comprehensive study, to Minimize the threat, astronauts detected immunocompromised and thus at a greater risk of infection from antimicrobial resistant pathogens. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global health issue. The Study of the ISS “resistome’ was conducted. Using whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and disc diffusion antibiotic resistance assays, nine biosafety level 2 organisms isolated from the ISS were assessed for their antibiotic resistance.

Yellow Fever Outbreak Among Miami Cities

A study determines that Miami is at risk of a deadly yellow fever outbreak because the disease could thrive there but the city has no checks on  Yellow fever is spread by the same mosquito that causes Zika virus, which spread through the Americas after being detected in Brazil in 2015 and has been reported in southern Florida and southern Texas. Travellers arriving from endemic zones. A study is published in World Health Organization.