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Formate Limits Neural Tube Defects

In the present study, a multi-institutional research team has developed a novel folic acid-resistant neural tube defect mouse model of the human condition by silencing the Slc25a32 gene, and, in most of the mutant mice, neural tube defects can be prevented by formate supplementation


NFL Players: Study On their Brain Helped Survivors of Domestic violence

LaTasha Unseld was nervous, but she wanted to read the 5,283 words she'd written. And she would not let her headache stop her. After all, as she told the court, her headache was due to her ex.

Doctors told Unseld she was one punch away from severe brain trauma after her ex-partner, Demetrius Singleton, choked and beat her in 2014. Singleton, the father of her children and her partner for two decades, is in prison for aggravated domestic battery, strangulation and sexual assault.