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Examining Factors Associated With Sexual Coercion Among Adults In Rural Communities

According to a new study, researchers examined factors associated with sexual coercion among 10th graders in a rural Midwestern, low-to-middle income high school found that sexual coercion was reported by 18% (13% of males and 23% females). Predictors included age, race, ethnicity, prior alcohol, marijuana and/or prescription drug use, controlling relationship, adverse childhood experiences, sexual self-efficacy and comfort talking to a parent/guardian about sex.

Baseball Pitchers: Limiting Throws Helps to Prevent Fatigue and Injuries

For high school baseball pitchers, limiting throws during a game helps to prevent fatigue and injuries. But nearly half the number of pitches—ones thrown during warm-ups and in the bullpen—are typically not counted, adding significantly to a pitcher's risk of injury, new findings by University of Florida Health researchers show.

Unsafe Feces Disposal of Children in Rural Bangladesh

This study, among households with latrine access in rural Bangladesh, aimed to: (1) determine household characteristics associated with reported unsafe disposal of young children’s feces and observed human feces within the compound, (2) determine the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV) of reported child feces disposal practices compared to observed presence of human feces in the domestic environment, and (3) assess the association between unsafe child feces disposal and (i) fly presence and (ii) diarrhea among children <3 years living in the household.