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New Drug Calms Violent Patients

Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) Australasia have conducted the world's first comparison of the standard sedative, midazolam, with droperidol in a prehospital setting. Australian paramedics are leading the world by introducing a new drug, droperidol, to quickly and safely calm violent patients fueled by alcohol and drugs. The study was published in the Journal of Prehospital Emergency Care.

Malaria eradication With Aid Of An Unexpected Discovery

While the global health community has made great strides toward eradicating malaria through prevention and treatment strategies, rapid and inexpensive methods to diagnose submicroscopic malaria in individuals who have no clinical symptoms and undetectable levels of disease-causing parasites in their blood remain an unmet need.

New Method To Target Skin Diseases Like Psoriasis

Research has shown that targeting metabolism in growing cells holds promise for the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis that are characterized by skin overgrowth resulting from excessive cell division, known as hyperproliferation. Researchers demonstrated in mice that inhibiting glucose transport may be a safe and effective treatment for these diseases. The study was published in Nature Medicine.