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Palliative Care For People With Dementia And Hip Fracture

Researchers have conducted a study to examine outcomes in nursing home residents with advanced dementia and hip fracture. They discovered that advanced dementia residents have a lower mortality rate after 6 months if they undergo surgical repair. Those advanced dementia patients managed with surgery also reported less pain and fewer pressure ulcers than those whose proxies chose a palliative care approach in lieu of surgery. The study was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine.

Accuracy of Curacao Criteria in HHT Diagnosis Evaluated

Though hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is – as the name suggests – a hereditary disorder, most people are not diagnosed with the disease until they are adults because the telltale symptoms often do not develop until patients are in their late teens or early 20s. As a result, there is little data on the efficacy or value of the available diagnostic tools in children and even less on the potential effects HHT may have on them as the disorder progresses.

VR-based Treatment for Spatial Deficit after Stroke

Kessler Foundation, a leader in rehabilitation research, has partnered with Virtualware Group, an international leader in immersive and interactive technologies, to create a virtual reality (VR) based treatment for spatial neglect, the most common spatial deficit after stroke.

The treatment called VR-SRT System, which will be under direction of Peii Chen, is an intervention that enhances therapy participation through a safe, interactive, and game-like VR environment. The flexibility of the VR-SRT System allows the tool to be implemented in various clinical settings and the home.

Stannsoporfin: FDA Panel Urges Rejection

Federal advisers dealt a setback to the developers of the experimental medicine stannsoporfin for newborns who cannot quickly clear bilirubin and thus risk developing jaundice, by a 21-3 vote recommending rejection of manufacturer Mallinckrodt's application for approval of the drug.