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Patients With Chronic Sciatica Have Inflammation In Nervous System

A study conducted on patients having inflammation in the areas of the nervous system. Location of inflammation may determine which patients are successfully treated with steroid injections. Investigators have found, for the first time in humans, that patients with chronic sciatica, back pain that shoots down the leg have evidence of inflammation in key areas of the nervous system. The study was published in the journal Pain.

Examining The Effects Of A Microgravity Environment On Human Sperm Motility

A study examined the effects of microgravity (µG) environment on human sperm motility. As The Space age progresses, they need to determine whether humans can pursue a normal life in space, including reproductive function. They have been studying the effects of the environmental factors in space that are different from those on earth, such as gravity, solar rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, temperature, and radioisotopes.

Gut Bacteria Helps For Immune Responses

Researchers have shown that it is possible to favor the engraftment of one gut bacterial strain over others by manipulating the mice's diet. The researchers also have shown it's possible to control how much a bacterium grows in the intestine by calibrating the amount of a specific carbohydrate in each mouse's water or food. Gut bacteria thrive on the food we eat.

In turn, they provide essential nutrients that keep us healthy, repel pathogens and even help guide our immune responses. The study was published in Nature. By Understanding some bacterial strains, they can ingest successfully take up residence in the large intestine, while others are quickly evicted, could help scientists learn how to manipulate the makeup of thousands of bacterial species there in ways that enhance our health. But the sheer complexity of gut ecology has hampered this task.

Identifying Potential Lead Compounds By HT-ADME

Researchers announced that Charles River Laboratories International recently announced the expansion of its service capabilities in early discovery screening. Charles River is the first contract research organization to offer clients access to Apricot Designs' Dual Arm (ADDA) system for high-throughput absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (HT-ADME) to identify potential lead compounds in North America and Europe.

Severe Haemophilia And Its Impacts on Joints and HRQOL

Joint damage remains a major complication associated with haemophilia and is widely accepted as one of the most debilitating symptoms for persons with severe haemophilia. The aim of this study is to describe how complications of haemophilia such as target joints influence health-related quality of life (HRQOL).

Intentions Predicted to Help Depressed In Sri Lanka

Studies have found that although there are high rates of depression among university students, their help-seeking practices are poor. It is important to identify students who are less likely to seek the necessary help, to encourage better help-seeking among them.

This study, which was conducted among undergraduates in Sri Lanka, examined the associations between personal characteristics of the undergraduates and their intentions to seek help for depression.