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Gene Therapy Prevents Heart Arrhythmias

A study examines that the most common and potentially lethal complication following a heart attack is the heart's inability to do one of its most basic jobs: beat at a normal rate. Following myocardial infarction, heart muscle cells are replaced by fibroblasts and new blood vessels, which do not conduct electricity and leave the heart susceptible to ventricular tachycardia, an excessive heart rate that can result in sudden death. These non-heart cells disrupt the normal pattern of electrical conduction that is critical for effective pumping.

A Range Of vision Lens Found Superior To Monofocal

According to a study, researchers includes extended range of vision (ERV) intraocular lens (IOL) targeted to achieve micro-monovision shows superior range of visual acuity and independence from glasses compared to the monofocal IOL targeted to achieve emmetropia. This study is the first to compare the extended range of vision (ERV) intraocular lens (IOL) targeted at micro?monovision to a monofocal targeted at binocular emmetropia. The study was published in Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology.