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Plt-MPs And Its Interaction With a Human B-Lymphoblast Cell Line

Platelets are blood cells with extensive capabilities in hemostasis. They also play a central role in the development of innate and adaptive immune responses. Little information exists about the immunostimulatory role of platelet-derived microparticles (Plt-MPs). To further elucidate this issue, researchers conducted this study using the B-lymphoblast cell line ‘Daudi’ as an available surrogate cell line for peripheral blood B lymphocytes. This cell line does not produce immunoglobulins (Igs) and has low expression of activation markers.

Pilot's Urgent Request During In-flight Emergency

A study determine taht their was settling in an hour into a recent Delta Airlines flight from London to Minneapolis when they heard the pilot's urgent request for medical help over the loudspeaker. Researcher quickly came to the front of the plane. The three worked together to assess the passenger who needed help, Jim Rogers. Rogers and his wife, Margaret Shields, had cut their vacation short after Rogers began to have headaches. The study was published in The New England Journal Of Medicine.