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New Ebola Outbreak Spread In Northwest

Researchers estimated the first death since a new Ebola outbreak was declared in the country, as well as nine other cases of people sickened by a hemorrhagic fever that is suspected as Ebola. Health officials declared an Ebola outbreak in the country's northwest after lab tests confirmed the deadly virus in two cases from the town of Bikoro in the Equateur province. Officials from the World Health Organization and other international health agencies are in the area to help contain the outbreak's spread.

Hemorrhagic Fever: Antibodies Disarm Two Viruses of Same Family

Hemorrhagic fever viruses, so named for their ability to induce massive, and at times fatal, internal bleeding, captured the world's attention during the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016 in West Africa. But these pathogens' high lethality, fickle seasonal and geographic patterns, compounded by a lack of preventive therapies, have frustrated scientific and public health efforts to avert outbreaks for far longer than the recent epidemics.

Association Of Unloading And Reloading In Spaceflight Affects Spinal Health

A study showed that in flight, trunk muscle atrophy, they may precipitate lumbar curvature loss and reduced spinal stability, but in-flight (ultrasound) and pre- and post-flight (MRI) imaging have yet to detect significant IVD changes. Spinal elongation and back pain are recognized effects of exposure to microgravity, however, spinal health has received relatively little attention. This changed with the report of an increased risk of the post-flight intervertebral disc (IVD) herniation and subsequent identification of spinal pathophysiology in some astronauts post-flight. 

Mothers Experience Managing Their Children's Pain During Palliative Care

According to a WHO study, palliative care seeks to improve the quality of life of patients and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses by preventing and reducing psychosocial, and spiritual suffering through early identification, effective examination, and pain therapy. Pain experienced by children can adversely affect their growth and development. Pain is a major health problem for cancer patients and remains an unresolved problem. 

AB-NHPM scheme: Roadmap Prepared For Its Implementation

After getting the green light from the Union Cabinet, the Centre has started preparing a roadmap for the implementation of its ambitious Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM).

In a meeting in this regard was held by the Ministry of Health to discuss two major challenges—preventing fraud claims and tackling the problem of lack of hospital network in rural areas, sources close to the Ministry of Health said.

An Intervention On Opioid Prescribing Intensity Among Emergency Department Providers

 A study showed researchers hypothesized that an intervention asking emergency department (ED) providers to self?identify their opioid prescribing practices. Asking emergency department (ED) providers to self-identify their opioid prescribing practices and then providing them with timely, clinically relevant, individualized, and actionable feedback on their actual opioid prescribing data, significantly decreases future opioid prescribing among providers who underestimate their baseline prescribing. The study was published in Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM).

Little is known about the accuracy of provider self?perception of opioid prescribing. They hypothesized that an intervention asking emergency department (ED) providers to self?identify their opioid prescribing practices compared to group norms and subsequently providing them with their actual prescribing data would alter future prescribing compared to controls.