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Complication Rates Were Higher After Hysterectomy

Researchers determine that Complications, including death, are more common after hysterectomies performed by surgeons who do only one such procedure per year. Complications, including death, are more common after hysterectomies performed by surgeons who do only one such procedure per year. For some patients, targeted referral strategies may be warranted.

Early Depression Diagnosis Is Serious For Patients With CAD

Researchers examined that comprehensive care to patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), proactive depression screening may not always rank high on the list of first-priority concerns. However, Florida State University researchers who surveyed years of data on epidemiological and clinical factors suggest that depression screening should be at the forefront of any CAD treatment program. The study was published in the journal Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Exercise Might Benefits All Cancer Patients

Exercise should now be a part of the standard of care in treating all patients with cancer, according to a new position statement from the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA), the country's leading organization for cancer professionals. 

Biophysicists Revealed Atomic Microcosmos

Researchers have successfully generated controlled electron pulses in the attosecond range. They used optical travelling waves that are formed by laser pulses of varying wavelengths. The movements of electrons in atoms were revealed using attosecond free-electron pulses. The study was published in the journal Physical Review Letters .

Homocysteine: Elevated Levels Predicted Neurodegenerative diseases

The amino acid homocysteine occurs naturally in the human body, generated as a byproduct of methionine metabolism. Genetic diseases or an imbalanced diet, with too much red meat or deficiencies in B vitamins and folic acid, however, can lead to high homocysteine levels, a condition known as hyperhomocysteinemia. This condition causes considerable harm to the heart but can also affect the brain.

Evaluation Of PDA And Pupillation Pain Index During General Anesthesia

Pupillary response by pupillary dilatation reflex (PDR) is a robust reflex, even measurable during general anaesthesia. However, the ability of infrared pupillometry to detect PDR differences obtained by the intraoperative opioid administration in anesthetized patients remains largely unknown. They analyzed the performance of automated infrared pupillometry in detecting differences in pupillary dilatation reflex response by an inbuilt standardized nociceptive stimulation program in patients under general anesthesia with a standardized propofol/fentanyl scheme.

Exposure To Microgravity During Spaceflight May Leads To Alterations In Cardiovascular System

A new study is designed to investigate the role of the Notch1 receptor in myocardial IR injury under simulated weightlessness. The differences in Notch signaling expression and myocardial infarct size following myocardial IR were compared between normal rats and tail?suspended rats that were kept in 30? head?down tilt and hindlimb unloading position. The gravitational ?eld is an important determinant of cardiovascular function.