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Gonorrhea: Drug-Resistance Threaten Future Treatment

Within a matter of weeks, three cases of gonorrhea that are resistant to the recommended first-line antibiotic treatment have been detected in Europe and Australia. At a time with limited alternatives to the current dual therapy, lack of a vaccine and insufficient surveillance capacity in some regions, these cases highlight the growing threat of drug-resistance—which could lead to untreatable gonorrhea.

Wearable Monitors Aid In Early Diagnosis of Diseases

Researchers from the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed an integrated system for early diagnosis of diseases using wearable monitors. Able to continuously monitor physiological indicators without disturbing the user, the system can repair itself in the event of a tear or scratch and receives the energy required for operation from the wearer.

Efficacy Of A Shower Cream And A Lotion In The Treatment Of Atopic Dry Skin

According to a study, researchers evaluated that the efficacy of shower cream and a lotion, each with skin?identical lipids and emollients, in the treatment of atopic dry skin of subjects with a history of the atopic condition. A Shower cream and a body lotion with physiological lipids are effective in improving skin hydration in patients with dry skin. The study was published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

End-Of-Life Spending For Increasing Health

According to study, researchers showed that Health economists have long considered end-of-life spending to be one of the major contributors to the overall increase in health spending in the United States. That narrative has been supported by recent research findings that increased use of hospice care costs more than it saves, that end-of-life care intensity has been increasing, and end-of-life intensive care unit has accelerated. The study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.