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Research To Study How Immune Cells Kill Bacteria With Acid

The first line of immune defense against invading pathogens like bacteria are macrophages, immune cells that engulf foreign objects that cross their way. After enclosing them in intracellular membrane vesicles, a process called phagocytosis, macrophages kill their prey with acid. However, it is not yet entirely understood how the acidification process is established

Threat to Human By New Pig Virus

A recently identified pig virus can readily find its way into laboratory-cultured cells of people and other species, a discovery that raises concerns about the potential for outbreaks that threaten human and animal health.

New Technique To Detect Breast Cancer

In a study appearing in ACS' journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, scientists report that they have developed a non-invasive "disease screening pill" that can make cancerous tumors light up when exposed to near-infrared light in mice without using radiation

Healthcare Insurance in North India

Health Insurance is a financial mechanism with which people are protected against catastrophic financial burden arising from unexpected illness or injury, writes Dr. Vandana Bhardwaj, Head, IP Revenue Services, Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre, Faridabad, for Elets News Network (ENN).