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Spinal anesthesia Has Been Used Frequently In The Pediatric Population

Researchers have expressed regarding the potential long-term neurocognitive effects of general anesthesia during the early stages of life. In view of this, our center has developed a program in which SA may be used as the sole agent for applicable surgical procedures. Spinal anesthesia (SA) has been used relatively sparingly in the pediatric population, as it is typically reserved for patients in whom the perceived risk of general anesthesia is high due to comorbid conditions.

World Needs More Than One Ebola Vaccine, Study Finds

In the life-and-death race to make the first effective vaccine against Ebola, one company – Merck – seems bound to win. But others drugmakers, such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline, are also in the running – and must stick with it even though they are unlikely to make a profit, experts say because the world needs more than one Ebola vaccine.

Effects Of Gravitational Unloading On Human Bone-Cell Biology In Spaceflight

A study showed that decreased mechanical loading on bones, such as prolonged bed rest and microgravity during space flights, leads to the development of an osteoporotic-like phenotype. Although osteoblast hypo-functionality is reported to be involved in the progression of bone pathological conditions, the cellular mechanisms of this process remain largely unknown. The combined application of mass spectrometry “–omics” and histochemical and ultrastructural approaches have been employed to investigate the effects of the gravitational unloading on human bone-cell biology. 

Most Of Us Count On More Time Dodging The Dementia Bullet

New research about "cognitive life expectancy"  how long older adults live with good versus declining brain health shows that after age 65 men and women spend more than a dozen years in good cognitive health, on average. And, over the past decade, that time span has been expanding. They have chances to develop cognitive impairment or dementia in their life-span.

Antibiotic Use and Asthma Flare-up

Unnecessary antibiotic use in adults hospitalized for asthma exacerbation without lung infection is common and associated with increased length of stay and risk for antibiotic-related diarrhea, with no apparent benefit, a new study shows.