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Blood Stem Cells: Some are Better than Others

In your body, blood stem cells produce approximately 10 billion new white blood cells, which are also known as immune cells, each and every day.

Even more remarkably, if some of these blood stem cells fail to do their part, then other blood stem cells pick up their slack and overproduce whichever specific type of immune cell is lacking, according to a new USC Stem Cell study published in the journal EMBO Reports.

PET Can Evaluate Amyloidosis Using Striatum

Motivated by postmortem data, researchers evaluated a three-stage PET classification: low cortical; high cortical, low striatal; and high cortical, high striatal amyloid; hypothesizing this model could better reflect Alzheimer's dementia progression than a model based only on Amyloid  PET data expressed as cortical measures

Ebola Outbreak Spreads To Big Congo City

A study determines the efforts to curb the spread of Ebola in an urban area in Congo, although the lethal virus is still reported in at least two remote areas. There have been 35 confirmed cases, including 12 deaths. The U.N. health agency and partners have vaccinated more than 400 people with an experimental Ebola vaccine, the first time it has been used in an emerging outbreak.

High Protein Diet Is Linked To Higher Rate Of Heart Disease

According to a new study, the researcher examined that eating higher amounts of protein was associated with a slightly elevated risk for heart failure than those who ate less protein in middle-aged men. Despite the popularity of high protein diets, there is little research about how diets high in protein might impact men's heart failure risk. The study was published in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure.