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Determination Of Simulated Microgravity Affect Myoblast Genes

Researchers found whether simulated microgravity culture using Gravite®may affect myoblast differentiation and expression of MRF genes. Although rat myoblasts, L6 cells were differentiated to myotubes in an incubation period-dependent manner, myogenesis of L6 cells was significantly attenuated under simulated microgravity (10-3G) conditions. The molecular mechanisms involved in myogenic differentiation are relatively well-known.

Tobacco Smoking: Death Prevalence is 1 in 5 in Bangladesh

Cardiovascular diseases are the top tobacco-related cause of premature death in Bangladesh, according to the UN health agency. Tobacco consumption, in any form, kills more than 161,000 people on average every year, amounting to around 19% of all deaths in Bangladesh, according to the WHO. The UN agency for global health released the statistics on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.