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Lung Cancer: Development of New Immune Therapies

Protein kinases regulate nearly all processes in cells. If the function of these enzymes is disrupted, often cancer will develop. In particular certain types of deregulated mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) are believed to be the cause of various types of cancer.

Social And Psychosocial Toll Of Our Increasingly Online Lives

In an "always on" society, where they carry mini computers in our pockets at all times that are capable of solving nearly any problem or desire with a tap, pinch, or click they cannot seem to escape the ever-increasing role that computer technologies play in our lives. They examine the social and psychological toll of our increasingly online lives on work, education, family life, interactions, our sense of self, and more.

Investigation Of The Delivery Of HAH On Patient End-Of-Life Care

Researchers evaluated the impact of the organisation and delivery of different models of HAH on patient and carer outcomes and experiences of end-of-life care from the perspective of service users, their family carers, service providers and commissioners. Hospice at home (HAH) services aim to enable patients to be cared for and die in their place of choice, if that is at home, and to achieve a 'good death'.

Ayushman Bharat Rolled Out as an “Alliance” with the State Health Programmes

The first meeting of Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission Council (AB-NHPMC) that will give policy directions and foster coordination between Centre and States will happen in Delhi on June 14. It is going to be the NDA health flagship in an election year but the credits for the National Health Protection Mission (NHPM) will have to be shared with the states.

Evaluation Of Clinical Efficacy Of Urgent Reduction Under General Anesthesia

A study examine the clinical efficacy of immediate reduction under general anesthesia and combined anterior and posterior fusion in the treatment of distraction-flexion injury in the lower cervical spine. Distraction-flexion of the lower cervical spine is a severe traumatic lesion, frequently resulting in paralysis. The optimal surgical treatment is controversial. It has been a challenge for orthopedic surgeons to manage distraction-flexion injury in the lower cervical spine while avoiding the risk of iatrogenic damage. 

Nasal Obstructive Disorders Affected On Sinonasal Symptoms

A study estimated that the effect of NOD on correlations between nasal and synonasal symptoms with clinical assessments of asthma control, 82 children, 9.8 [8.9; 10.7] years old, with atopic BA were assessed using ACQ-5 for the BA control level, TNSS for nasal symptoms, and SNOT-20 for synonasal quality of life in combination with rhinovideoendoscopy for NOD.