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Investigation Of The Constraint Loading On The Lower Limb Forces At Weightlessness

A study examines Long exposure to the microgravity will lead to muscle atrophy and bone loss. Treadmill exercise could mitigate the musculoskeletal decline. But muscle atrophy remains inevitable. The constraint loading applied on astronauts could affect the muscle force and its atrophy severity. However, the quantitative correlation between constraint loading mode and muscle forces remains unclear.

Integrated Care Pathway Improves End-Of-Life Care Using Insights From Palliative Care

A study recommended by successive governments in England and Wales to improve end-of-life care, using insights from hospice and palliative care.The ensuing debate among clinicians polarised between 'blaming' of the LCP and regret at its removal. Employing the concept of 'boundary objects', we aimed to address three questions: 1) why and how did the LCP come to prominence as a vehicle of policy and practice 2) what factors contributed to its demise? 3) what immediate implications and lessons resulted from its withdrawal? 

Severely Ill Psychiatric Patients Admitted Themselves To Hospital

Researchers have assessed that Severely ill psychiatric patients in Denmark have been able to decide when to admit themselves to the hospital without having to first go to the emergency department for evaluation. Previous pilot studies have suggested that patient-controlled admissions, as they are called, reduced coercion whereby patients are forcibly treated or committed. The study was published in the scientific journal Acta Psychiatry.