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Bacterial Infection: More Rapid and Accurate Detection

A new study by Waldemar Gorski, professor and chair of the UTSA Department of Chemistry, and Stanton McHardy, associate professor of research in chemistry and director of the UTSA Center for Innovative Drug Discovery, describes a method that could show quickly and accurately whether a person has been infected with harmful bacteria or other pathogens. Additionally, this new method shows the exact severity of infection in a person.

Affirmation of Safety of DTaP Vaccines

No new or unexpected adverse events have been detected for diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccines licensed in the U.S., according to a review of close to 20 years of VAERS data, although vaccination errors may have increased.

Relationship Between Sleep And Cognitive Function In Diabetes Patients

A study explored the role of sleep in cognitive function of patients with abnormal glucose tolerance. Diabetes is linked to cognitive impairment. Sleep plays a role in memory consolidation. People with diabetes and prediabetes who have lower sleep efficiency,a measure of how much time in bed is actually spent sleeping have poorer cognitive function than those with better sleep efficiency. The study published in the journal Acta Diabetologica.