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Supplementing with Choline Benefits In Muscle Build-Up

People who avoid animal fat could experience slower muscle growth when they exercise because of choline deficiency, new research shows. "Less than the ideal amount of choline intake may be impairing your strength gain," said Chang Woock Lee. 

However, consuming more than the recommended amount of choline did not produce additional benefits, he said here at the American College of Sports Medicine 2018 Annual Meeting.

To Test The Hypothesis That ICU Telemedicine Reduces Patients In ICU

Researchers determine that the study is to test the hypothesis that ICU telemedicine decreases ICU patient interhospital transfers. Only a minority of intensive care units (ICUs) in smaller, community and regional ICUs in the United States hire intensivists to provide advanced critical care, but many employ ICU telemedicine (Tele-ICU) to help fill the gap. The Veteran's Administration (VA) has implemented a Tele-ICU program to provide remote access to comprehensive acute care expertise for smaller, community, and regional ICUs in its health system. 

New Approach to Treat Anxiety

Researchers know that anxiety is a result of repeated stress. William Colmers, a University of Alberta professor in the Department of Pharmacology, is trying to understand why stress affects people differently and to identify possible new therapeutic approaches to anxiety disorders

Ethnic Differences and Comorbidities Of Prurigo Nodularis Patients

Researchers have conducted that the largest detailed published study of people with a poorly understood skin condition known as prurigo nodularis (PN). Such studies collect information on a whole subset of people at once and at a particular point in time. Prurigo Nodularis (PN) is a poorly understood, understudied pruritic dermatosis that reduces the quality of life. The study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.