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Cryo-EM Reveals Structure Of A Plant Geminivirus

Researchers revealed the complex 3D structure of one of the world's most lethal families of plant viruses has been revealed in unprecedented detail by scientists. The structure of Ageratum yellow vein virus at 3.3 Å resolution, using single-particle cryo-electron microscopyGeminiviruses are responsible for diseases affecting crops, cotton in the Indian subcontinent and tomatoes across Europe. The study was Published in Nature Communications.

An Enzyme Is Been Manipulated

Researchers managed for the first time ever to 'retrain' an enzyme to build ring-shaped molecular structures instead of performing its natural task of reducing double bonds. The work is relevant for the production of pharmaceuticals and plant protection products.

Effectiveness of HPV Vaccine Confirmed

Girls in the first birth cohort to be offered and receive the HPV vaccine showed a lower degree of dysplasia which may eventually lead to cervical cancer than a birth cohort from 1983. This is the conclusion of a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, who have been the first to study the vaccine's effect on the general population.

Dementia Patients Diagnosed With General Anesthesia

A new study has revealed that middle-aged adults who go under general anesthesia are 29% more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t. Although patients should not be afraid of going under general anesthesia, the study suggests that a patient’s cognitive performance should be checked before and after general anesthesia.