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Online Health Ads for Deception, New Tool Developed

The internet is rife with ads for health products, from weight-loss systems to arthritis cures—but whether they actually work can be difficult to discern. Now, experts at the University of British Columbia have devised a simple screening tool to evaluate if the products popping up on your newsfeed are likely to be scams.

Why Single Embryo Transfer During IVF Sometimes Results in Twins or Triplets

It has been known for some time that it is better to transfer a single embryo to a woman's womb during assisted reproduction treatment (ART) rather than several embryos in order to avoid multiple pregnancies and the risks associated with it such as fetal deaths, miscarriage, premature delivery, and low birthweight. However, even when single embryo transfer (SET) is performed, some women still become pregnant with twins or even triplets

Anesthesia And Frailty Risks During Post-Surgery

Frailty is a state of decreased physiologic reserve and resistance to stressors. Its prevalence increases with age and is estimated to be 26% in those aged above 85 years. As the population ages, frailty will be increasingly seen in surgical patients receiving anesthesia.

Here, they evaluate the instruments which have been developed and validated for measuring frailty in surgical patients and summarize frailty tools used in 110 studies linking frailty status with adverse outcomes post-surgery.

An IV Drip for Healthcare in India, Ayushman Bharat

When Amit Kumar, a daily wage labourer who lives in a small town called Indri in Haryana, welcomed his first-born three years ago, he received a bill of around ? 1.5 lakh from the private hospital. His wife Mausami had developed some complications and needed to be operated on. Unable to pay that kind of money, Kumar turned to a money lender. He is repaying that debt to this day.

Genetic Disease Healed Using Genome Editing

Parents of newborns may be familiar with the metabolic disorder phenylketonuria—in Switzerland, all newborn babies are screened for this genetic disease. Children found to have phenylketonuria need a special diet so that the amino acid phenylalanine does not accumulate in the body. Excess phenylalanine delays mental and motor development. If left untreated, the children may suffer massive mental disability

Structural Insight Into Microtubule Stabilization & Kinesin Inhibition By Tau

Microtubules help to regulate cell structure throughout our bodies. A group of researchers has used cryo-electron microscopy to shed light on how a certain protein keeps microtubules stable and regulates microtubule-based transport within cells. 

The new insights could help to develop a medical treatment for diseases such as dementia and heart failure. The study was published in the Journal of Cell Biology.