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Brain Cancer: Genetically Modified Polio Virus Aids In The Cure

According to researchers, genetically altered poliovirus strains could help some patients of brain cancer. A team of researchers used modified poliovirus strains in small groups of patients who had glioblastoma – a particularly deadly form of brain cancer. In these patients, standard treatments have failed to say the researchers and this novel therapy could help. The results of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Anesthesia Physicians Responsible For Patients Safety During Operation

Anesthesiology is that branch of medicine that is dedicated to total care of a patient undergoing surgery and the relief of pain. Anesthesiologists are the physicians responsible for putting patients to sleep and keeping them safe during an operation. In my limited exposure to anesthesiology as a first-year medical student, the patients trusted the anesthesiologist with their very lives, including protecting their airway and ensuring that blood continued to reach their tissues.

Intravital Imaging By SLAM Microscopy

A new microscope system can image living tissue in real time and in molecular detail, without any chemicals or dyes. It enables researchers to study concurrent processes within cells and tissue and could give cancer researchers a new tool for tracking tumor progression and physicians new technology for tissue pathology and diagnostics. The researchers detailed the technique, called simultaneous label-free autofluorescence multi-harmonic microscopy(SLAM), in the journal Nature Communications.