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COPD: Antidepressant Use Increased Mortality Risk

Antidepressant use in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with a 20% increase in likelihood of death and a 15% increase in likelihood of hospitalization due to related symptoms, finds a new study led by researchers at St. Michael's Hospital.

Examination Of Social Determinants May Impact Hearing Loss Use

Hearing loss (HL) is common among older adults and is associated with significant psychosocial, cognitive, and physical sequelae. Hearing aids (HA) can help, but not all individuals with HL use them. Hearing loss seems like one of the great equalizers of old age, striking people of all kinds as their ears gradually lose the ability to pick out sounds or hear certain pitches. 

Herpesviruses Plays Role in Alzheimer's Disease, More Evidences

In a large-scale analysis, researchers use data from three different brain banks to suggest that human herpesviruses are more abundant in the brains of Alzheimer's patients and may play a role in regulatory genetic networks that are believed to lead to the disease. This work lends support to the controversial hypothesis that viruses are involved in Alzheimer's disease and offers potential new paths for treatment.

Inter-Hospital ICU Transfers Can Be Reduced By ICU Telemedicine

Researchers estimate that ICU telemedicine significantly reduces inter-hospital ICU transfers between Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals. Low-resource ICUs often transfer their sick patients out to other high-resource acute care facilities," Dr. Spyridon Fortis from Iowa City VA Health Care System and University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine told Reuters Health by email. "ICU telemedicine can help those ICUs."

Incidence of Suicide of Palliative Care Among Patients with Lung Cancer

According to a study, researchers determine that Patients with advanced lung cancer have increased the incidence of suicide, which is reduced in association with receipt of palliative care. Researchers examined advanced stage lung cancer patients in the Veteran Affairs (VA) Healthcare System to estimate the incidence of suicide. The correlation between palliative care and suicide as the cause of death was also examined.