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Astronauts Must Perform Surgery In Space

A study determines that Future Astronauts Must Perform Surgery in Space and It Will Be Gross, there's already enough to worry about when planning a one-way trip to Mars. Scientists writing in the British Journal of Surgery have provided one more thing to fear: floating blobs of infectious bodily fluids.

Astronauts Feel Painful In Spaceflight

Headaches and eye problems are common among visitors to the International Space Station. Astronaut Chris Hadfield remembers the headaches in his five months of spaceflight on the International Space Station in 2012 and 2013. It was a constant pain in his sinuses, along with stuffiness. The Canadian astronaut blew his nose frequently to clear his head and used mild pain medication to help him keep up with his demanding spaceflight schedule.

Drug Problem in Bangladesh Requires Collective Solutions

Bangladesh and other UN Member States made public commitments to jointly reduce abuse, illicit trafficking and the harm that drugs cause to societies. To tailor measures to the specific needs of children, youth and other vulnerable members of society. To make parents more supportive, social environments healthier and education and vocational training equally accessible. There was one unequivocal appeal: “Put People First.”