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TRAF7 Gene Mutations Tied To Multisystem Disorder

A team of researchers sequenced all the protein-coding genes in the patients' genomes and identified four different mutations in the gene TRAF7. The researchers report in the American Journal of Human Genetics that in six individuals the mutations are de novo, meaning they are not present in the parents

Opioid Epidemics and Transplantation Records

The researchers examined 17 years of transplantation records and found no significant change in the recipients' chance of survival when the organ donation came from victims of drug intoxication.

At this very moment, more than 110,000 people across the United States are lingering on organ transplant waiting lists. The ravages of the opioid epidemic have created an unforeseen opportunity  —  an increase in the availability of organs for donation.

Skin Allergies: Causes And Treatments

Every day millions of people around the world are affected by skin allergies. Some occur at random, whereas others may be a sign of a bigger problem. Skin allergies affect the lives of millions of people around the world. While most are not fatal or painful, these allergies do impact the quality of life of patients.

Effectiveness of Anti-smoking Strategies

SmokeFreeBrain brings together experts in toxicology, pulmonary medicine, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy, as well as health economics and health informatics. They are examining the effectiveness of anti-smoking strategies aimed at high-risk groups in high-middle-income countries, such as unemployed adults, people with chronic pulmonary disease and asthma patients – as well as the general population in lower-middle-income countries.

New Approach Developed to Study Cryptosporidium

Washington State University researchers have developed a new approach for studying Cryptosporidium, a waterborne gastrointestinal parasite now recognized as one of the leading causes of potentially life-threatening diarrheal disease in young children worldwide.