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Breathlessness: Hidden Problem of Many

"It just stops your life, stops you from living."  This quote from an anonymous patient sums up the experience of millions of sufferers of a health problem that's rarely recognised or even discussed, yet has a major impact on their lives. Simply put, these people can't catch their breath. And when the problem gets worse it can lead to a crisis situation. In fact, it may be responsible for as many as 20% of ambulance trips to the hospital.

Potential Microscopes Help To Visualize Small Things

Two high-resolution microscopes will allow researchers to study and test materials at the atomic level with unprecedented precision. Standing beneath a pearly white, towering microscope called the JEOL NEOARM, Penn's Douglas Yates explains that scanning transmission electron microscopes are so powerful they can image down to the atomic level.

These microscopes fire energetic electrons through the object being examined. This allows researchers to create an atomic-scale image through the interaction between the electrons and the atoms in the sample.

Severity Of SAD Symptoms In The Winter Associated With An Increase In Cerebral Serotonin

Depression is notoriously hard to study, but what if you could switch depression on and off and look at the biological differences between when people are depressed and when they are not? Now a study of seasonal depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

They suggest that some people, and especially women, can avoid depression by maintaining or even increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin throughout the year, even though they carry a gene which would normally cause winter blues. The study was published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology.

Protein Fragment Serve As A Drug Target In Treating Stroke Patients

New research has revealed the 3-D structure of a protein fragment that could serve as a drug target in treating stroke patients. The study was published in Nature Methods,

A novel hybrid approach performed by researchers from Clemson University's department of physics and astronomy and Stony Brook University has revealed a 3-D structure of a protein fragment that could serve as a drug target in treating stroke patients.

Rapid Test for Diagnosing Tuberculosis in People with HIV Developed

An international team that includes Rutgers scientists has made significant progress in developing a urine diagnostic test that can quickly, easily and inexpensively identify tuberculosis infection in people also infected with HIV.

TB is the leading infectious disease killer in the world and the most common cause of death for people living with HIV, although most TB deaths can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment. The findings were announced at the September 26, 2018, United Nations meeting on TB.