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Inner Ear Defects Can Be Treated By Using Antibiotics

A retrospective study the aim of the authors was to examine the effect of gentamicin on the individual semicircular canals after the low dose, single injection intratympanic gentamicin therapy in Meniere’s disease. The antibiotic gentamicin has been used to successfully treat a rare illness that affects the inner ear.

Evaluation of the results of treatment administered to 32 patients. However, the analysis found that initial measurements do not provide a basis for predicting the method's long-term effectiveness. The antibiotic's effect on the vestibular system was also investigated, revealing strong correlations between the impacts on the individual semicircular canals.

Mortality Rates Of ICU Patients Is Predicted By Scores

A new study showed that scores the variables associated with mortality rates for patients who develop intra-abdominal sepsis after surgery may help guide care and improve outcomes. A study in the American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) finds that a scoring system based on the concept of Predisposition, Infection/injury type, Response, and Organ dysfunction (PIRO) was useful in predicting mortality in surgical intensive care patients with severe sepsis or septic shock due to an intra-abdominal source.