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Study Suggsts Elite Athletes Need Hobbies too

Elite sport demands of athletes that they give the utmost of both body and mind. That physical rest is needed after training and competing is generally accepted, but relatively little consideration is given to mental recovery, knows researcher Yannick Balk. He proved that elite athletes—and their coaches—perform better if they relax regularly, and researched how they can best do that.

Low-Dose CT Better Measures Spondyloarthritis Bone Formation

Low-dose CT scan is more effective for the evaluation of new bone formation in progressive spondyloarthritis than x-ray, new data show. "You can see much more bone formation over a shorter period of time than with conventional radiography," said Désirée van der Heijde, MD, from the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, here at the International Congress on Spondyloarthritides 2018

New Technology Sequences In Cell Nuclei Into Biological Events In Heart Disease

Scientists using a powerful new technology that sequences RNA in 20,000 individual cell nuclei have uncovered new insights into biological events in heart disease. In animal studies, the researchers identified a broad variety of cell types in both healthy and diseased hearts and investigated in rich detail the "transcriptional landscape," in which DNA transfers genetic information into RNA and proteins.

This is the first time to our knowledge that massively parallel single-nucleus RNA sequencing has been applied to postnatal mouse hearts, and it provides a wealth of detail about biological events in both normal heart development and heart disease. The study was published in Genes & Development.