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Treating Trauma Patients In Emergency Room

Emergency management of trauma practically begins prior to the arrival of the patient to the emergency room (ER). The emergency medical service (EMS) providers inform the emergency department about the mechanism of trauma and update them regarding the vital sign values, suspected injuries and first aid treatments provided to the patient. The emergency team is activated and the concerned specialties involved in the management of polytrauma patients are informed beforehand.

Stem Cells Mature Heart Cells To Heal Damage

Human stem cells seem to have an almost unlimited potential to advance disease treatment and prevention in the near future. While their study has been somewhat controversial at times, scientists around the world are excited about the possibilities that stem cells present.

Researchers from Australia report the most in-depth study ever of how human stem cells can be turned into heart cells. Researchers measured changes in gene activity in tens of thousands of individual cells as they move through the stages of heart development. The study was published in Cell Stem Cell.

Exercise Is A Part Of Palliative Care For Cancer Patients

While most oncologists would agree that exercise is important for people with cancer, generic guidelines for this population do not address the high need for personalized exercises. They recently shared with The Lancet Oncology journal a clinical tool that he and his colleagues at Princess Margaret Hospital developed to respond to the high demand for exercise services by oncology patients and clinicians.