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Prevention Of Dementia With The Help Of Oxygen Therapy

According to a new study, the researchers examined breathing in additional oxygen improves the function of blood vessels in the brain of people with breathing difficulties caused by lung conditions. The study was published in Experimental Physiology. These findings could have implications for future research aiming to prevent the development of diseases affecting the brain, such as dementia.

Sleep Problems Of Astronauts On-Orbit And Countermeasure

Sufficient sleep duration and good sleep quality are crucial to ensure normal physical and mental health, cognition and work performance for the common people, as well as astronauts. On-orbit sleep problem is very common among astronauts and has potential detrimental influences on the health of crewmembers and the safety of flight missions.

Sleep in space is becoming a new medical research frontier. In this review, they summarized on-orbit sleep problems of astronauts and six kinds of causes, and we presented the effects of lack of sleep on performance as well as mental and physical health, then we proposed seven kinds of countermeasures for sleep disturbance in spaceflight, including pharmacologic interventions, light treatment, crew selection and training

Furthermore, they discussed and oriented the prospect of researches on sleep in space. It is well known that good sleep is very important for keeping normal physical and mental health, cognition and work performance for common people. Good sleep generally includes sufficient sleep duration and good sleep quality. Unfortunately, evidence has consistently shown that disrupted sleep is a very common and important problem among astronauts.

Parents’ Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Children’s Behavioral Health Problems

A new study finds that severe childhood trauma and stresses early in parents' lives are linked to higher rates of behavioral health problems in their own children. The types of childhood hardships included divorce or separation of parents, death of or estrangement from a parent, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, witnessing violence in the home, exposure to substance abuse in the household or parental mental illness.