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Affordable and Quality Healthcare in India, is it Accessible?

There have been countless debates in policy circles on healthcare costs and how India is fighting against fiscal deficits, to assure healthcare access to all. However, the truth is, access to healthcare is poor and The Lancet in its latest study emphasizes this aspect. India ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare, behind its neighbors China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. 

Fruit Fly Research: Potential Drug Developed against Debilitating Diseases

River blindness and elephantiasis are debilitating diseases caused by parasitic worms that infect as many as 150 million people worldwide. They are among the "neglected tropical diseases" for which better treatments are desperately needed. But they were far from the mind of cell biologist William Sullivan when he began studying the microbial parasite Wolbachia, best known for its extraordinary effects on the many insect species it infects.

High Demand For Palliative Care

Most of the patients received by the physician have an expected lifespan of two weeks or less. With just six beds available for terminally ill patients, they have no option but to impose the time limit. Some patients die while waiting for a bed. Despite the high demand for palliative care, there are only a few dedicated hospices in the country, and they are struggling to survive.

Perioperative Management Of Hypertension During Cardiac Surgery

Perioperative management of pulmonary hypertension remains one of the most challenging scenarios during cardiac surgery. It is associated with high morbidity and mortality due to right ventricular failure, arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia, and intractable hypoxia.

Therefore, this review article is intended toward the anesthetic considerations in the perioperative period, with particular emphasis on the selection of technique and choice of anesthesia with maintenance, anesthetic drugs, and the recent intraoperative recommendations for prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertensive crisis.