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Perioperative Pain Management in Patients With Opioid Use Disorder

Although there has been an increasing focus on addressing opioid use disorders (OUDs) in outpatient settings, there is a dearth of research regarding perioperative pain management in people with a history of OUD. Opioid tolerance and medications used for OUD treatment present significant challenges in this setting.

Patients with OUD have been shown to have lower pain tolerance, increased sensitivity to pain, and comorbid chronic pain conditions compared [with] opioid-naive control groups” and the risk for relapse is a significant concern for those in recovery. The study was published in Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Sedation Dentistry Bring Into General Practioners

One of the most overlooked advantages of being in the dental profession is that any general practitioner has the ability, through the evolution of continuing education, to become talented in arenas once reserved for specialists. There is a myriad of continuums that enable GPs to master orthodontics, endodontics, and implantology.

If you're a primary care physician and your office is not performing as it was, you can not sign up for a 12-month continuum on plastic surgery. Sedation dentistry is an amazing advantage exclusive to dentistry.

Sextortion Prevalence Behaviors Among Teens, Study

According to the United States Department of Justice, "sextortion" is labeled as the most important and fastest-growing cyberthreat to children, with more minor victims per offender than all other child sexual exploitation offenses. Sextortion is the threatened dissemination of explicit, intimate, or embarrassing images of a sexual nature without consent. It is usually for the purpose of getting more images, sexual acts, money or something else.

Critically Ill Patients Helped By CSU Chemistry

Smoke inhalation, pneumonia, and combat-related trauma are just a few causes of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition where the lungs fill with fluid, and is too often fatal. To help these critically ill patients, doctors use extracorporeal life support – a cardiopulmonary bypass system that artificially re-oxygenates blood when the lungs are too damaged to breathe normally.

ILD Diagnosis: Potential of Envisia Genomic Classifier

Veracyte, Inc. announced the presentation of data demonstrating that the Envisia Genomic Classifier can help physicians more confidently diagnose interstitial lung disease (ILD), including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), without the need for surgery. The data were shared in an oral presentation at CHEST 2018, the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians®, which is being held October 6-10 in San Antonio, Texas.

Asthma Contributes to Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Study Finds

Toddlers with asthma are more likely to become obese children, according to an international study led by USC scientists. The finding is a turnabout for children's health as obesity has often been seen as a precursor to asthma in children, not the other way around. The study, conducted by a team of 40 scientists including researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, was recently published in the European Respiratory Journal.

Radiation Therapy Effective In Treating Oropharyngeal Cancer

Adding more evidence to the comparison between radiation therapy and surgery in treating an increasingly diagnosed head and neck cancer, a new study by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center found no major long-term differences in the effectiveness of the two therapies.

Given these results, investigators suggest quality-of-life factors should help inform a treatment decision. The study was published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.

Selective Inhibition Reverses Hyperexcitability Of Peripheral Nociceptors & Alleviates Postsurgical Pain

Researchers have published a study that improves the understanding of the pain-sensing neurons that respond to tissue injury during surgery. The study was published in the journal Science Signaling. They investigated the potential role and molecular mechanisms of nociceptive ion channel dysregulation in acute pain conditions such as those resulting from the skin and soft tissue incision.

A Simple Way Devised to Boost Efficacy of Malarial TBVs

For decades, scientists have been trying to develop a vaccine that prevents mosquitoes from spreading malaria among humans. This unique approach — in which immunized humans transfer anti-malarial proteins to mosquitoes when bitten — is called a transmission-blocking vaccine (TBV). A few malarial TBVs have shown promise but they have not been widely tested due to unwanted side effects or limited effectiveness.