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NASA Astronaut Could Be Sick Due To Spacetravel

NASA Astronauts could be struck down by Astro-sickness, the dreams of boldly going where only a few have gone before has inspired hundreds of people to sign up with space tourism companies like Virgin Galactic. But Nasa astronaut Anna Fisher, who made history by becoming the first mother in space, has warned many are unprepared for the rigors of spaceflight and the toll it will take on their bodies.

Wearable Device Could Measure Cortisol in Sweat

The hormone cortisol rises and falls naturally throughout the day and can spike in response to stress, but current methods for measuring cortisol levels require waiting several days for results from a lab. By the time a person learns the results of a cortisol test – which may inform treatment for certain medical conditions – it is likely different from when the test was taken.

Caffeine Not An Active Appetite Suppressant

A new study found that after drinking a small amount of caffeine, participants consumed 10% less at a breakfast buffet provided by researchers, but this effect did not persist throughout the day and had no impact on participants' perceptions of their appetites.