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Association Between Maternal Type 1 Diabetes And Child's Metabolism

A study aims to analyze the relationship between maternal type 1 diabetes and the offspring’s metabolic health and investigate whether birthweight and/or changes in the offspring’s metabolome are in the potential pathway. Children of mothers with type 1 diabetes are at significantly higher risk of being overweight and of exhibiting insulin resistance. The study was published in the journal Diabetologia.

Airway Staff Improves Dealing with Emergencies

A patient safety team has restructured their protocols for treating airway failure in such a way that the change has measurably improved staff confidence to handle airway emergencies and can serve as a model for other health systems. These changes came when the team at Hackensack (N.J.) Meridian Health encountered a serious safety event last year when a breathing tube failed and a patient required an emergency operation.

About 10% of the life-threatening events that occur in hospitals involve problems with keeping patients' breathing airway functional.