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Anxiety Symptoms Among People With Bipolar Disorder

Psychologists have devised a novel psychological intervention to address anxiety in bipolar disorder (AIBD). Anxiety is common in bipolar disorder (BD) and associated with worse clinical outcomes including increased suicidality. Despite effective psychological treatments for anxiety, research into treating anxiety in BD is underdeveloped.

Vitamin D Does Not Prevent Cancer

The latest study on whether vitamin D can prevent cancer is negative, but there have been many such trials, and the findings have been contradictory. The latest results come from New Zealand are based on a post hoc analysis of the Vitamin D Assessment (ViDA) study.

HIV-1 infection: New class of Antibodies Shows Potential Cure

A group of scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute have zeroed in on a new defense against HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS. Led by Ruth Ruprecht, the team used an animal model to show for the first time that an antibody called Immunoglobulin M (IgM) was effective in preventing infection after mucosal AIDS virus exposure.