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Sudden Descent Is Too Much For The Eardrum

After a dramatic change in cabin pressure, passengers can experience bleeding and intense pain. The Ryanair flight from Dublin to Croatia that had to make an emergency landing in Frankfurrecently led to some dramatic headlines. Following a sudden loss in cabin pressure, 33 passengers were treated in hospital, with some bleeding from their ears. Tweeted pictures from inside the plane also showed blood in used oxygen masks.

MOF Vaccines: Access to Immunization Increased

Vaccinations are the safest way to protect against disease. However, many vaccines become ineffective when exposed to room temperature or heat. In less developed countries with undependable electricity, physicians struggle to administer fully effective vaccines because of breaks in the "cold chain" that supplies vaccines from manufacturers to patients.

Even in more developed regions, 80% of the costs of manufacturing and distributing vaccines are associated with keeping them cold. These challenges prevent patients from accessing lifesaving immunizations and increase the risk of global pandemics.

Majority Of Female Students Experience Psychological Distress

According to a study, researchers showed that for the first time, just over 50% of female students, shows signs of moderate to serious psychological distress. The psychological distress which refers to symptoms of anxiety or depression has been rising steadily among all Ontario students in Grades 7 to 12 since it was first monitored in 2013. However, girls seem to fare worse on this and other mental health measures.