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New Insights And Future Aspects Of Diabetes

Alarming stories about the diabetes epidemic that threatens millions of lives and the NHS itself have become commonplace, and with good reason. Around 4.6m people in the UK are living with diabetes while a further 12.3m are at increased risk of developing it. The NHS spends an estimated £14 billion a year on treating diabetes and its complications.

Middle Ear Infections Treated With Ear Tube Surgery

A study estimates that dealing with repeated middle ear infections, tympanostomy tubes (more commonly known as ear tubes) are often recommended and placed by ear, nose and throat surgeons. The tiny tubes, placed surgically in the eardrums, work by channeling drainage out of the ear.

Worry About Ear Drainage

Common concern parents have is around blood or other drainage coming from their child’s ears in the days following ear tube surgery. The problem with the tubes, but the drainage is actually a sign that the tubes are functioning properly.

Effective Treatment For Hyperactivity Disorder

Stimulant medications are an effective treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In the classroom, parents and teachers say that medications like methylphenidate (MPH) can reduce symptoms and improve behavior.

Although stimulants have been in use for decades to treat ADHD in school-aged children, just how they work hasn't been clear. The new study in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is filling in critical gaps about the role of improved cognitive functions.